Contact Lens
Contact Lenses

Stephen Bye Opticians offer contact lens schemes to suit all lifestyles; Disposable, extended wear, rigid gas permable, coloured cosmetic and specialist hospital contact lenses such as in the treatment of Keratoconus.  This allows you to have clean comfortable lenses all year round, whatever your visual needs.   Contact Lenses are a comfortable, effective alternative to wearing glasses.

Daily Disposable Lenses        

These are the ultimate in convenience, especially for those who want to wear lenses just in the evenings, weekends or for sports.  Daily disposables are now available in standard or toric (for astigmatism).

Toric Lenses   

Some people have astigmatism (rugby ball shaped eyes) and in the past may not have been able to see clearly with contact lenses.  Contact lenses are now possible for the majority of these prescriptions.

Coloured Lenses        

Coloured lenses are available with or without visual correction so anyone can have the eyes they wish they had been born with.  There are a vast array of startling colours available.

Gas Permeable Lenses           

Today’s modern materials have produced a range of gas permeable lenses that offer a higher level of comfort than ever before.  It may be that for some people a Gas Permeable lens will provide a more suitable durable alternative to their visual problems than a soft lens.  We are always happy to discuss individual requirements without obligation.

Bifocals / Multifocal  

Contact lenses are now available for those who have reached the stage where one pair of glasses or contact lenses no longer fulfils all their requirements.  We can offer Multifocal contact lenses in most prescriptions to correct distance and near vision.  These are available in many different lens types.  Varifocal contact lenses are used to correct presbyopia (inability to focus sharply for near vision).  Varifocal contact lenses are a comfortable, eff    

As an independent practice we are able to offer a ‘bespoke’ lens service for those whose prescriptions may not have been possible in the past.  Many opticians can only supply lenses for standard prescriptions but we pride ourselves on being able to fit lenses to people who may have tried and failed previously.  Our experienced contact lens practitioners have many years of complex fitting knowledge to draw upon, and believe that there is almost always a lens for every eye.

Contact Lens Solutions available, we stock most styles, please contact us to obtain your brand. 
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